What is Kings of Kings?

Kings of Kings is a gigantic All-Time Teams gaming tournament that was started a year ago by BlkFrankWhite & KingarthurJJa. Kings of Kings was originally constructed to bridge the gap in the sports gaming communities between Youtuber, streamer and the everyday gamer. K.O.K tournament started out on the NBA2k series and will be expanding to Madden later in the year. Basically, KOK brings the best players in the community together for a knock down drag out March Maddness style tournament to the death.


The beauty of the Kings of Kings tournament is that it brings the sports gaming community together with one goal to win and have a lot of fun while doing it. Also K.O.K builds long lasting relationships within the community. K.O.K. is serving as the ground work for Esports Sports Gaming. K.O.K. future is to become an official Esports Gaming Tournament.

How I Do Join?

There's two steps that must be done in order for anyone to participate in the Kings of Kings tournament. One, you must sign up and register with kingsoflegitimacy.com. When you register in the message section you must put YOUR GAMETAG, YOUR CONSOLE & YOUR TOP 3 ALL TIME TEAMS. As K.O.K had over 1000 entries last year, every signee must put 3 teams to ensure a better chance of entry into the tournament.


Secondly in the Contact section of the kingsoflegtimacy.com website you must click the link to sign up for the brackets on challonge.com (Basketball Only, Will be Another Link for Football Shortly)

When Does K.O.K. Start?

K.O.K Nba2k edition signups begin after the NBA world champion has been crowned, which normally lands around June 15. This ensures that we have all cards for that game cycle. K.O.K Madden Edition has a tentative date for signups for after the Super Bowl. 

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Past Participants 

  • CashNastyGaming

  • JessertheLaser

  • ThatKiddKuda

  • Nickdabullsfan

  • ​LosPollosTV

  • TroydanGaming

  • Big C Richy

  • LSK (Kristopher London)

  • IpodKingCarter

  • TheFlightMike

  • SubTheGamer

  • TheTravelingGamer